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Additional Protection Insurance Services We Offer

As experts in the industry we offer impartial advice on a range of products and insurances from the leading providers, some of which are listed below.

Life Insurance for Company Directors

Life Insurance for Company Directors – Protecting your business and family against the impact of a director’s unexpected death. As a business owner, there are a number of tax-efficient life insurance policies available to you. The most suitable policy for you, will depend upon your circumstances, what you are looking to achieve or who you wish to protect.

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Key Man Insurance

Every business has at least one or two key staff members who are vital to the company’s successful running. Enabling a company to continue trading smoothly and effectively in the event of a key person’s death, key man insurance protects businesses from the effects of losing such valuable staff members.

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Level Term Assurance

Level Term Assurance – Ensuring your family are protected and can continue their standard of living in the event of your death. Also known as Life Insurance Cover or Term Assurance, Level Term Assurance protects your next of kin/family in the event of your/the insured person’s death by providing them with a lump sum, enabling them to continue their lifestyle.

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Relevant Life Policy

Spectrum FA Relevant Life Policy (also known as Relevant Life Plan) – Providing valued employees with peace of mind that they/their families are protected in case of death or significant illness. Sometimes also referred to as relevant life insurance/cover or death in service, a Relevant Life Policy is a type of business protection plan allowing your company to provide one or several employees with life insurance payable to their next of kin/families.

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Directors Liability Insurance

Directors Liability Insurance – Helping your company pay outstanding obligations in the event of a director’s critical illness or death. Many companies trading today have business mortgages, commercial developments loans or other outstanding commercial debts secured against them.

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Business Loan Protection Insurance

Business Loan Protection Insurance  – Ensuring your business can meet outstanding obligations should a guarantor suffer a critical illness or die.

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Group Death in Service

Group Death in Service Protection – Giving your staff peace of mind knowing their families will receive financial & practical help in the event of their death.Taken out on behalf of employees by employers, Group Death in Service insurance or Group Life Insurance gives employees the comfort of knowing that, if they should die, their families will receive a lump sum payment.

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Asset Protection Insurance

Unforeseen events like death or critical illness of a director or key person could have far-reaching consequences that could potentially ruin your business. Protecting your company’s assets by planning for all eventualities in advance and putting suitable asset protection insurance plans into place is therefore vital.

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Partnership Protection Insurance

Partnership Protection Insurance – Protecting your company against the risk of a business partners’ critical illness or death. Frequently referred to as director share, ownership or shareholder protection, Partnership Protection Insurance is instrumental in making sure that, in the event of a business partner dying or developing a critical illness, remaining shareholders can buy the insured individual’s shares.

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Commercial Debt Insurance

Commercial Debt Insurance – Ensuring your company can pay off outstanding business loans should a named guarantor suffer a critical illness or die. Most of today’s companies/organisations have some type of loan (business development loans, commercial mortgages) secured against them.

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Director Share Protection

Director Share Protection – Insuring your business against the risk of a shareholder’s sudden death or critical illness. Director Share Protection is frequently also referred to as Shareholder, Ownership or Partnership Protection. It is instrumental in ensuring if a shareholder dies or becomes critically ill, remaining stakeholders can purchase their shares.

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Group Protection Insurance

Taken out by employers on behalf of employees, group protection insurance offers a wide range of benefits for both employees and employers.

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Life Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

We can help advise on a suitable policy with the right cover for you, with certain pre-existing medical conditions often being accepted.

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Trusted External Service – Suited Insure

Smart business liability insurance for contractors and
self-employed professionals.

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