Group Life Insurance

Taken out by an employer on behalf of their employees, Group Life Insurance gives your staff the added benefit and comfort of knowing if they were to pass away, their family would receive a lump sum of money at a time when they need it most. This could help towards retaining your key members of staff.

Spectrum FA understand how important such matters can be and are experts to assisting employers set up Group Life Insurance. Having worked with many employers, from those with just a single member of staff to those with hundreds, we understand how important it is to get this cover right. We will guide you through the entire process, recommend and put in place the most suitable policy for you and your business.

Thanks to our personal approach, we take the time to understand your individual needs, ensuring we provide you with suitable protection advice and the appropriate group life insurance for your business. As we are completely impartial, you can be assured that Spectrum FA will only ever work in your best interests.

Group Death In Service Insurance Cover


We have access to the most trusted insurance providers and will provide tailored advice based on your individual circumstances. We will ensure you receive you receive the exact level of cover you require with competitive premiums.

With Spectrum FA’s expert advice, you will be able to provide comprehensive life insurance for your staff as part of a generous employee benefits package. By providing the safety net of financial and practical support for your staff, in the event of death, you can position yourself as a responsible employer.

To find out how Spectrum FA can secure Group Life Insurance cover for your staff, please contact us today to speak to one of the team. You can contact us via email at, via the phone on 01279 315 013 or through the contact form on the website.


Tailored Cover

With Spectrum FA, you can choose from a range of flexible policies to create a comprehensive package of benefits for your employees, providing peace of mind.

Comprehensive Cover

Spectrum FA will search the market to find a comprehensive group life insurance package with competitive premiums for your business.


Attractive Benefits

With Spectrum FA’s expertise, we will recommend suitable cover for your individual needs and you choose the additional benefits you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee Group Life Insurance?

Group Life Insurance is a type of insurance cover taken out by an employer on behalf of their employees, for the benefit of the employee and their family. It will provide a lump sum payment on the death of the employee, to the employee’s family. It is seen as a good way of retaining key members of staff. With a group life insurance policy offered as part of a comprehensive employee benefit scheme, the employee benefits by receiving life insurance protection that will offer financial and practical support to that employee and their family in the event of the employee’s death.

Spectrum FA are experts on Group Life Insurance and we will ensure you receive tailored advice and also obtain a level of cover that is suitable for you, your business and your staff. Please get in touch with us today to find out more.

How do Group Life Insurance policies work?

Group Life Insurance is taken out by an employer on behalf of their employees and usually forms part of a comprehensive scheme of employee benefits. It provides the employees next of kin a lump sum payable on the death on the employee. The lump sum is usually calculated as a multiple of the employee’s salary.

Spectrum FA will consider all your relevant information when recommending the most suitable scheme available. We will ensure our recommendation is tailored and suitable for the needs of you, your business and your employees. With group life protection arranged by Spectrum FA, you can choose the level of cover you require for your staff and you are able to tailor cover to individual employees or directors.

Employees will be provided with a comprehensive life insurance scheme that covers them while they are employed by your company. The scheme will provide a lump sum payment in the event of their death. As all group life insurance policies we recommend are underwritten by the most trusted names in the industry, the cover is reliable and comes with additional extra benefits too, such as a dedicated helpline for bereaved families.

Who is eligible for Group Life Insurance?

If you are a business who employs people, then you are eligible to take out group life protection insurance on behalf of your staff.

With Spectrum FA’s access to a range of group life insurance policies available and our experience of working with both large and small companies, we are able to source the right level of protection for your needs, meaning your employees can take advantage of the benefits of group life insurance.

So whether you have only one member of staff or employ hundreds, Spectrum FA will be able to recommend suitable group life insurance protection for you and your employees, whatever your individual circumstances are.

How can Spectrum FA help with Group Life Protection insurance?

Spectrum FA offers tailored protection advice on Group Life Insurance. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise and find out how we can provide you with the necessary advice on a group life insurance scheme for your employees, please get in touch with us today. You can complete the contact form on the website and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible, or you can email us at or phone us directly on 01279 315 013.

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