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Group Protection Insurance UK

Offered by employers as part of their company’s employee benefit schemes, group protection may consist of:

  • Group Life Insurance – Providing employees with the peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge that their families will receive a tax free lump sum payment in the event of their death. Group life can provide peace of mind to employees and help staff to be more productive by taking the worry about their families’ future financial security off their minds. As such, policies of this type can be helpful in retaining key staff members.
  • Group Critical Illness Protection – This type of policy provides employees diagnosed with a specified critical illness with a tax free lump sum payment designed to protect them and their families against the potentially devastating financial impact developing a critical illness could have on their lives. Providing vital support when it is needed most, group critical illness provides peace of mind for employees, which may increase productivity by removing nagging fears and worries and can assist in retaining key members of staff.
  • Group Income Protection Insurance – Offering an extensive range of benefits, group income protection is primarily taken out to provide employees with support and protection against loss of earnings due to prolonged absence from work due to illness or injury. Offering comfort & peace of mind to employees, this type of group insurance is also of benefit to employers, as it mitigates the cost and impact of an employee’s long-term absence by paying a percentage of the employee’s wages, which may have to be paid by the company.

Group protection insurance policies provide flexible benefits to employees by providing protection against the financial impact of long-term absence or injury, critical illness or death while giving employers a caring reputation, which may enable them to attract and retain first-class personnel and help with mitigating expenses.

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Reliable Cover

Spectrum FA provide expert protection advice on policies from the leading insurance providers to ensure you receive reliable cover at competitive prices.

Flexible Terms

Many policies come with added features as standard, as well as a optional extras, giving you the flexibility to select the level of cover that is right for you.

Additional benefits include, health and wellbeing services for the employee and the employee’s family, emotional support, mental health assistance and rehabilitation support that can help employees return to work.

Impartial Advice

Spectrum FA work only for the benefit of our clients, so you will receive completely impartial advice that puts your own needs and circumstances first.

Tailored Group Protection Insurance

Combining years of experience with our unique approach, Spectrum FA can assist you by recommending the most suitable type of group protection insurance for your company’s specific set of circumstances. Call on 01279 315 013, e-mail us: or fill in our contact form to learn more and/or arrange for a free, no-obligation review.

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