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Protecting your business & family against the impact of a director’s unexpected death.

As a business owner, there are a number of life insurance policies that are available to you. The most suitable policy for you, will depend upon what you are looking to achieve or who you wish to protect.

You are able to protect the shares of the business, the profits of the business or your family and loved ones. Certain policies can be paid by the business, as a tax deductible business expense.

You also have the option of deciding if you want the pay out from the life insurance to be paid into the business or outside of the business, to a co-shareholder or your family and loved ones. The unexpected death of a company director could have a range of detrimental effects on a business and family.

For example, shares owned by the deceased individual may be inherited by their next of kin, with little or no interest in, or knowledge of the running of your business. If these shares are sold to competitors, this could result in you having to work with undesired owners.

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In addition, commercial loans (business mortgages, commercial development loans, etc.) are often secured against company directors, managers or other key personnel. Should one of these guarantors unexpectedly die, your company may have difficulties repaying such loans in full.

Life Insurance for Limited Company Directors alleviates these risks by providing a lump sum upon the insured individual’s death. This lump sum can then be used to either pay off commercial debts or allow remaining shareholders to buy the shares owned by the deceased person immediately and without the stress of having to find the necessary financial resources. You also have the option to ensure funds can be paid to your family, so they can continue their lifestyle and standard of living, if you are no longer around.

Either way, Life Insurance for Company Directors could enable remaining partners/shareholders to retain control of the business to ensure it can continue running smoothly or you can ensure your family are protected.

Depending on the circumstances of you and your business, Spectrum FA are able to advise on suitable protection plans and will recommend the most appropriate plan for your needs.

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