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Smart business liability insurance for contractors and self-employed professionals


Why insure with Suited?

Answer 4 simple questions to get a quote

Suited offers a hassle-free experience to get a quote and purchase your cover online in a matter of minutes.

Change or cancel anytime, easily and for free

With the help of Suited DIY customer portal, you can change or cancel your policy at your convenience paying no extra charges.

Instant documents

Policy documents are available instantly via an online customer portal.

Be protected by an A+++ insurer

Suited only works with top rated insurers and the service is backed up by a call centre based in the UK.

Absolutely no fees or extra charges

Suited does not charge APR or policy fees.

What liability insurance do contractors and the self-employed need?

Being self employed or running a business is always risky and less than 10% of the UK population will take that step.

With Spectrum Financial Advice you may have already taken steps to protect yourself, your family or your business.

But what about your business liabilities? A claim from a dissatisfied client can have a very real impact on your personal finances.

As a sole trader, you are very exposed. Even as a limited company your bank balance is at risk if a client decides to sue you.

If you are not insured and a claim is made against you (even if it’s unsubstantiated), you may pay thousands of pounds in legal fees and compensation out of your own pocket.

Professional indemnity insurance

Suited provides professional indemnity (otherwise known as liability) insurance which protects your reputation and bank balance when a client accuses of a costly mistake.

Public liability insurance

Another legal cover which acts as your legal shield if a third party alleges that while you were at work you caused someone an injury or property damage.

What other cover should you consider?

Electronic equipment insurance is essential if your work relied on your business equipment and you would find covering the cost of repair or replacement hard.

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