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Life Insurance for Dads – Who, What, Where, When & Why?

The importance of life insurance for all parents cannot be underestimated. One thing we can be absolutely sure of in this world is that, at some point, we are all going to pass away.

If the worst does happen, your partner and children do not need a financial burden or worry during their grieving process. We look at the 5 ‘W’s concerning life insurance for Dads:

Who – To be honest, life insurance should be taken up by everyone, not just parents. If you have any financial obligations, such as loans and mortgages, you really should consider life insurance. One of the roles of Dad is to provide. If death occurs, that provision is taken away – unless you have the correct insurance in place.

What – Life insurance is designed to protect your family after your death. Life insurance policies pay out a cash sum to your loved ones if you die while covered by the policy.

Where – You can get covered anywhere, from an international insurance broker to a freelance insurance specialist. The great news is there are many options available to you. We would recommend speaking to a professional, who can advise on a specific plan, based on your age, dependents and financial commitments.

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When – The sooner the better. The younger you are, the less your premiums will be. Having said that, any time is right – if you have your own family, now is the time to get yourself insured.

Why – Pretty obvious right? You want to continue protecting your family and the financial assets after you have passed away. By having the right policy in place, you will give your family the best chance of being able to continue their lifestyle, without any additional financial burden.

At Spectrum Financial Advice, we can tailor your life insurance plan to suit you and your family’s needs.

As an example, life cover set at £250,000, with a 20 year term, for a (non-smoker) 35-year-old would cost from £8.49 a month (prices correct February 2022).

Get in touch with us today to arrange your life insurance and protect your family in the event of you passing away.

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We look at all our providers 

We have access to the leading insurance providers in the market, which allows us to recommend the most suitable policies based on your individual circumstances.

We understand how important it is to protect your family now and in the future.
With a few simple and easy steps you can be sure that if the worst should happen, your loved ones will be safe and secure.

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