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Date: 28 March 2019 Author: Lewis Cable
How Long Does It Take to Pay Out Death in Service?

How Long Does It Take to Pay Out Death in Service?

If you have ever asked yourself, “How long does it take to pay out death in service?”, read on – because how quickly (or slowly) a death in service policy pays out depends on several factors.

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Generally, How Long Does It Take to Pay Out Death in Service?

The precise time it will take for a death in service claim to be processed and paid out depends partly on:

  • The policy provider.
  • How quickly trustees initiate the claim and provide all necessary information/documents.

Most major insurance companies do, however, handle such claims efficiently and speedily. Pay-outs are usually made within 30 days of the insured individual’s death. Assuming claims are straightforward, and all documents provided are in order, they can often even be processed and paid out within just 10 to 14 days.

Even if processing a claim is delayed for some reason (see below), insurance companies rarely take longer than 60 days (assuming they have everything they require) to pay out a claim.

What Can Slow Down a Death in Service Claim?

There are several circumstances that may slow down the claim process, including:

  • Missing or incomplete documents are most commonly the cause of claim processes being slowed down. Ensuring all documents are fully filled out and all required supporting documentation (including an original death certificate) is provided is therefore of utmost importance.
  • While most insurance companies have well-staffed claims departments capable of handling high volumes of claims, small backlogs can occasionally delay claims for a few days. This should, nonetheless, never cause any undue or significantly extended delays.

What You Can Do to Speed Up the Claim Process

There are several ways in which you can help to speed up the claim process:

  • Contact the insurance company immediately (either directly or through your agent) to request a claim form. Please note that even if you are going through your agent, you will have to complete and sign the paperwork yourself.
  • Make sure to fully complete the claim form, attach all necessary supporting documentation and return everything to the insurance company as quickly as possible.
  • Most insurance providers will require three items:
    • The completed claim form.
    • An original death certificate. This is not only a requirement for death in service policies but also for other life insurance policies the deceased person may have had. It is wise to order multiple death certificates from the word go.
    • Potentially the original death in service policy. If you do not have the original policy, just let the insurer know. They are still legally bound to process/pay out the claim and will, therefore, be happy to work with you.

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