Since 2012 Spectrum Financial Advice have been helping and supporting businesses, families and individuals with their finances. Led by Lewis Cable, the company has gone from strength to strength, starting out in Essex before branching out across the UK.

When you choose a financial advisor you will not want off-the-shelf solutions that look to give a general fix, you will want personal and tailored support. Spectrum Financial Advice are on task to offer you this guidance which stems from the experience, expertise, qualifications and more our team of financial advisors in Essex have gathered during their years in this world.

What to look for in a financial advisor in Essex

If we all had the beauty of foresight, we would know exactly how to plan for the worst-case scenario. However, to protect your commercial assets, family’s future, businesses interests throughout the next five, ten, fifteen years you will be looking to protect yourselves against the ramifications of death and critical illnesses.

But, what makes our team at Spectrum Financial Advice the ideal choice to support your specific requirements? You will be assigned a specialist advisor for your business or personal finances who will guide you through every stage. This will begin by sitting down with our FAs – who have gathered over 20 years of practical expertise in the world of commercial and personal financial advice – and discussing your needs.


Business financial advice in Essex

While we cannot lay claim to foresight at Spectrum Financial Advice, we are able to provide you with the best support for the future of your business. Our business protection insurance services include: Shareholder Protection, Key Person Protection, Relevant Life Plan / Death in Service, Business Liability Protection and a range of Group Protection services.

In each of these cases we will combine our expertise in the financial industry with a personal service which will be certain to outline your concerns and any issues you envisage in the future. A death or critical illness to a key person in your company will lead to a number of question marks, but our financial advice in Essex can help to prepare your business for any eventuality.

Personal financial advice in Essex

On top of our commercial work, Spectrum Financial Advice can offer similar support but on a much smaller scale for your personal financial advice. Over 20 years in the financial world has ensured that we understand Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance like the back of our hands.

We translate the same personable service for individuals and families as we do for large-scale corporations and organisations across Essex.

For professional financial advice in Essex with our specialists at Spectrum FA, speak with us to discover more.