Offering professional advice led by our experience in the sector, our financial advisors in Cambridgeshire are able to provide you with all the help and advice you need. At Spectrum Financial Advice we have the ability and expertise to handle any situation we are faced with, even the most difficult scenarios.

We are a leading provider of both business and personal protection services in Cambridgeshire which are guided by our years of experience in the sector.

Why choose Spectrum Financial Advice for your needs in Cambridgeshire?

Business Meeting

As a company established in 2012, our professional and highly trained financial advisors have gained experience working with large companies and businesses through to individuals throughout Cambridgeshire.

In any case, our advice and guidance can give you the confidence to react to death and critical illnesses without complications should the worst-case scenario happen. This is framed by our personal protection services in Cambridgeshire as well as our business protection insurance advice in the county.

Business protection advice in Cambridgeshire

Every proactive business in Cambridgeshire will have to make tough decisions at some point. The hard questions that come following a death or critical illness or prior to these occurrences can be answered through Spectrum Financial Advice.

Our business protection services include shareholder protection, keyman insurance, relevant life plan, business liability protection and group protection services. To ensure that you are getting the best possible protection for your business, it is imperative that you discuss your options with our professional financial advisors.

To stay agile to the sudden changes which can come from owning or being a part of a business, it pays to speak with a financial advisor in Cambridge who is geared towards the commercial world.

Personal protection advice in Cambridgeshire

To complement the needs and requirements of individuals and families across Cambridgeshire, we need to couple our expertise with compassion. We know that these questions and concerns will be real for you and your family, and it is imperative that we secure insurance and protection advice specific to your finances.

We are able to offer personal protection advice in Cambridgeshire which covers a wide range of services, such as life insurance, critical illness insurance, mortgage protection insurance and income protection insurance.

Choosing any of these services is a big choice for any family. Our team at Spectrum Financial Advice can guide you through the small print and ensure you have the best support for your situation.

Get in contact with our financial advisors in Cambridgeshire to discover more.